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  1. Outcomes for hospitalized patients with tuberculous pleurisy (TP) have rarely been reported, and whether or not pulmonary involvement affects outcomes is uncertain. This study aimed to analyze the in-hospital ...

    Authors: Chin-Chung Shu, Jann-Tay Wang, Jann-Yuan Wang, Li-Na Lee and Chong-Jen Yu
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:46
  2. HIV-infected drug users are at higher risk of non-adherence and poor treatment outcomes than HIV-infected non-drug users. Prior work from our group and others suggests that directly administered antiretroviral...

    Authors: Bernadette Anna Mullen, Katie Cook, Richard D Moore, Cynthia Rand, Noya Galai, Mary E McCaul, Sheldon Glass, Krisann K Oursler and Gregory M Lucas
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:45
  3. Q fever has become a major public health problem in the Netherlands. Infection with Coxiella burnetii (Q fever) during pregnancy has resulted in adverse pregnancy outcome in the majority of reported cases. Theref...

    Authors: Wim van der Hoek, Jamie CE Meekelenkamp, Alexander CAP Leenders, Nancy Wijers, Daan W Notermans and Chantal WPM Hukkelhoven
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:44
  4. Antiretroviral therapy (ART) partially corrects immune dysfunction associated with HIV infection. The levels of T-cell immune activation and exhaustion after long-term, suppressive ART and their correlation wi...

    Authors: Damalie Nakanjako, Isaac Ssewanyana, Harriet Mayanja-Kizza, Agnes Kiragga, Robert Colebunders, Yukari C Manabe, Rose Nabatanzi, Moses R Kamya and Huyen Cao
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:43
  5. Cambodia is among the 22 high-burden TB countries, and has one of the highest rates of TB in South-East Asia. This study aimed to describe the genetic diversity among clinical Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (...

    Authors: Jian Zhang, Seiha Heng, Stéphanie Le Moullec, Guislaine Refregier, Brigitte Gicquel, Christophe Sola and Bertrand Guillard
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:42
  6. Direct immunofluorescence assays (DFA) are a rapid and inexpensive method for the detection of respiratory viruses and may therefore be used for surveillance. Few epidemiological studies have been published ba...

    Authors: Christine D Sadeghi, Christoph Aebi, Meri Gorgievski-Hrisoho, Kathrin Mühlemann and Maria Teresa Barbani
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:41
  7. Abacavir has been associated with an increased risk of acute myocardial infarction, but the pathogenic mechanisms remain unknown. We evaluated longitudinal changes in pro-atherosclerotic biomarkers in patients...

    Authors: Authors: Sergio Padilla, Mar Masiá, Natalia García, Inmaculada Jarrin, Consuelo Tormo and Félix Gutiérrez
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:40
  8. We aimed to determine the incidence of Hepatitis C (HCV) infection among HIV-infected men who have sex with men (MSM) attending a Sexual Health Centre.

    Authors: Deepa G Gamage, Tim RH Read, Catriona S Bradshaw, Jane S Hocking, Kerry Howley, Marcus Y Chen and Christopher K Fairley
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:39
  9. Children born to HIV+ mothers are exposed intra-utero to several drugs and cytokines that can modify the developing immune system, and influence the newborn's immune response to infections and vaccines. We ana...

    Authors: Eliane Borges-Almeida, Helaine MBPM Milanez, Maria Marluce S Vilela, Fernanda GP Cunha, Beatriz M Abramczuk, Suiellen C Reis-Alves, Konradin Metze and Irene Lorand-Metze
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:38
  10. Computational models play an increasingly important role in the assessment and control of public health crises, as demonstrated during the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic. Much research has been done in recent ye...

    Authors: Wouter Van den Broeck, Corrado Gioannini, Bruno Gonçalves, Marco Quaggiotto, Vittoria Colizza and Alessandro Vespignani
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:37
  11. The spread of influenza viruses in a community are influenced by several factors, but no reports have focused on the relationship between the incidence of influenza and characteristics of small neighborhoods i...

    Authors: Yoshinari Kimura, Reiko Saito, Yoshiki Tsujimoto, Yasuhiko Ono, Tomoki Nakaya, Yugo Shobugawa, Asami Sasaki, Taeko Oguma and Hiroshi Suzuki
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:36
  12. Differences in the determinants of Chlamydia trachomatis ('chlamydia') and Mycoplasma genitalium (MG) genital infection in women are not well understood.

    Authors: Jennifer Walker, Christopher K Fairley, Catriona S Bradshaw, Sepehr N Tabrizi, Marcus Y Chen, Jimmy Twin, Nicole Taylor, Basil Donovan, John K Kaldor, Kathleen McNamee, Eve Urban, Sandra Walker, Marian Currie, Hudson Birden, Francis Bowden, Jane Gunn…
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:35
  13. Dengue virus infection is a public health threat to hundreds of millions of individuals in the tropical regions of the globe. Although Dengue infection usually manifests itself in its mildest, though often deb...

    Authors: Brenda B Folly, Almeriane M Weffort-Santos, CG Fathman and Luis RB Soares
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:34
  14. Human pythiosis is an emerging and life-threatening infectious disease caused by Pythium insidiosum. It occurs primarily in tropical, subtropical and temperate areas of the world, including Thailand. The aim of t...

    Authors: Tavitiya Sudjaritruk and Virat Sirisanthana
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:33
  15. Diarrhoea accounts for 20% of all paediatric deaths in India. Despite WHO recommendations and IAP (Indian Academy of Paediatrics) and Government of India treatment guidelines, few children suffering from acute...

    Authors: Deepali Pathak, Ashish Pathak, Gaetano Marrone, Vishal Diwan and Cecilia Stålsby Lundborg
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:32
  16. Loss to follow-up is a major challenge of antiretroviral treatment (ART) programs in sub-Saharan Africa. Our objective was to a) determine true outcomes of patients lost to follow-up (LTFU) and b) identify ris...

    Authors: Ralf Weigel, Mindy Hochgesang, Martin WG Brinkhof, Mina C Hosseinipour, Matt Boxshall, Eustice Mhango, Brains Nkwazi, Hannock Tweya, Maggie Kamlaka, Frederick Chagwera and Sam Phiri
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:31
  17. Salmonella meningitis remains a threat to children below two years of age in both developing and developed countries. However, information on such infections has not been well characterized. We analyzed data rel...

    Authors: Hung-Ming Wu, Wan-Yu Huang, Meng-Luen Lee, Albert D Yang, Ko-Ping Chaou and Lin-Yu Hsieh
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:30
  18. La Crosse virus (LACV) is a major cause of pediatric encephalitis in the United States. Since the mid-1980s, the number of reported cases of LACV infection in West Virginia has continued to rise and the state ...

    Authors: Andrew D Haddow, Danae Bixler and Agricola Odoi
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:29
  19. There are limited data on the prevalence of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), estimated at 0.6-6.7%, in African children with tuberculosis. We undertook a retrospective analysis of the prevalence of ...

    Authors: Lee Fairlie, Natalie C Beylis, Gary Reubenson, David P Moore and Shabir A Madhi
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:28
  20. Patients with infections account for a significant proportion of Emergency Department (ED) workload, with many hospital patients admitted with severe sepsis initially investigated and resuscitated in the ED. T...

    Authors: Julian M Williams, Jaimi H Greenslade, Juliet V McKenzie, Kevin H Chu, Anthony FT Brown, David Paterson and Jeffrey Lipman
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:27
  21. Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae that can manifest a wide variety of immunological and clinical outcomes ranging from potent humoral responses among borderline lepromatous (B...

    Authors: Lucas H Sampaio, Mariane MA Stefani, Regiane M Oliveira, Ana LM Sousa, Greg C Ireton, Steven G Reed and Malcolm S Duthie
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:26
  22. To describe the knowledge and attitudes of critical care clinicians during the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic.

    Authors: Xiaochun Ma, Zhenyang He, Yushan Wang, Li Jiang, Yuan Xu, Chuanyun Qian, Rongqing Sun, Erzhen Chen, Zhenjie Hu, Lihua Zhou, Fachun Zhou, Tiehe Qin, Xiangyuan Cao, Youzhong An, Renhua Sun, Xijing Zhang…
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:24
  23. Data regarding CD4+ recovery after switching from protease inhibitor (PI)-based regimens to regimens not containing PI are scarce.

    Authors: Carlo Torti, Antonella d'Arminio-Monforte, Anton L Pozniak, Giuseppe Lapadula, Giuliana Cologni, Andrea Antinori, Andrea De Luca, Cristina Mussini, Antonella Castagna, Paola Cicconi, Lorenzo Minoli, Andrea Costantini, Giampiero Carosi, Hua Liang and Bruno M Cesana
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:23
  24. Tuberculosis (TB) is a major public health problem. The Airin district of Osaka City has a large population of homeless persons and caregivers and is estimated to be the largest TB-endemic area in the intermed...

    Authors: Takahiro Tabuchi, Toshio Takatorige, Yukio Hirayama, Nobuaki Nakata, Shigeyoshi Harihara, Akira Shimouchi, Koshiro Fujita, Hiroko Yoshida, Yoshitaka Tamura, Takayuki Nagai, Tomoshige Matsumoto, Tetsuya Takashima and Hiroyasu Iso
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:22
  25. In 2000, Ringertz et al described the first case of systemic anthrax caused by injecting heroin contaminated with anthrax. In 2008, there were 574 drug related deaths in Scotland, of which 336 were associated ...

    Authors: Arfon GMT Powell, Joseph EM Crozier, Heather Hodgson and David J Galloway
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:21
  26. Human papillomaviruses are the most common sexually transmitted infections, and genital warts, caused by HPV-6 and 11, entail considerable morbidity and cost. The natural history of genital warts in relation t...

    Authors: Andrea J Low, Tim Clayton, Issouf Konate, Nicolas Nagot, Abdoulaye Ouedraogo, Charlotte Huet, Marie-Noelle Didelot-Rousseau, Michel Segondy, Philippe Van de Perre and Philippe Mayaud
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:20
  27. Health care workers are exposed to patients with tuberculosis and are at risk of nosocomial infection. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence and factors associated with latent tuberculosis infe...

    Authors: Shaharudin Rafiza, Krishna Gopal Rampal and Aris Tahir
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:19
  28. Syphilis is called the chameleon of the diseases due to its variety of its clinical presentations, potentially affecting every organ of the body. Incidence of this ancient disease is once again on the increase...

    Authors: Katrin Milger, Vera Fleig, Anke Kohlenberg, Thomas Discher and Jürgen Lohmeyer
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:17
  29. The relationship between public transport use and acquisition of acute respiratory infection (ARI) is not well understood but potentially important during epidemics and pandemics.

    Authors: Joy Troko, Puja Myles, Jack Gibson, Ahmed Hashim, Joanne Enstone, Susan Kingdon, Christopher Packham, Shahid Amin, Andrew Hayward and Jonathan Nguyen Van-Tam
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:16
  30. The anti-HCV antibody response has not been well characterized during the early phase of HCV infection and little is known about its relationship to the clinical course during this period.

    Authors: Alexander M Strasak, Arthur Y Kim, Georg M Lauer, Paulo S de Sousa, Cleber F Ginuino, Carlos A Fernandes, Carlos E Velloso, Adilson J de Almeida, Jaqueline M de Oliveira, Clara F Yoshida, Julian Schulze zur Wiesch, Gláucia Paranhos-Baccalá, Stefan Lang, Larry J Brant, Hanno Ulmer, Susanne Strohmaier…
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:15
  31. We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis to assess efficacy and safety of prophylactic HPV vaccines against cervical cancer precursor events in women.

    Authors: Beibei Lu, Ambuj Kumar, Xavier Castellsagué and Anna R Giuliano
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:13
  32. Description of the clinical pictures of patients colonized or infected by ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae isolates and admitted to hospital are rather scarce in Europe. However, a better delineation of the clin...

    Authors: Didier Schoevaerdts, Pierre Bogaerts, Alexandre Grimmelprez, Marie de Saint-Hubert, Bénédicte Delaere, Jacques Jamart, Christian Swine and Youri Glupczynski
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:12
  33. Our objective was to determine the frequency and determinants of presentation to care with advanced HIV disease in patients who discover their HIV diagnosis at this stage as well as those with delayed presenta...

    Authors: Bakhao Ndiaye, Julia Salleron, Anne Vincent, Pierre Bataille, Frédérique Bonnevie, Philippe Choisy, Karine Cochonat, Clotilde Fontier, Habib Guerroumi, Bernard Vandercam, Hugues Melliez and Yazdan Yazdanpanah
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:11
  34. Bacterial vaginosis (BV), an alteration of vaginal flora involving a decrease in Lactobacilli and predominance of anaerobic bacteria, is among the most common cause of vaginal complaints for women of childbear...

    Authors: Evy Gillet, Joris FA Meys, Hans Verstraelen, Carolyne Bosire, Philippe De Sutter, Marleen Temmerman and Davy Vanden Broeck
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:10
  35. Rotavirus gastroenteritis (RVGE) is the most common cause of severe childhood diarrhea worldwide. Objectives were to estimate the burden of RVGE among children less than five years old in the Middle East (Bahr...

    Authors: Hanane Khoury, Isla Ogilvie, Antoine C El Khoury, Yinghui Duan and Mireille M Goetghebeur
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:9
  36. Cervical cancer is one of the most common AIDS-related malignancies in Thailand. To prevent cervical cancer, The US Public Health Service and The Infectious Disease Society of America have recommended that all...

    Authors: Amphan Chalermchockcharoenkit, Chenchit Chayachinda, Manopchai Thamkhantho and Chulaluk Komoltri
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:8
  37. Expensive CD4 count and viral load tests have failed the intended objective of enabling access to HIV therapy in poor resource settings. It is imperative to develop simple, affordable and non-subjective diseas...

    Authors: Kerina Duri, Fredrik Müller, Felicity Z Gumbo, Nyaradzai E Kurewa, Simba Rusakaniko, Mike Z Chirenje, Munyaradzi P Mapingure and Babill Stray-Pedersen
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:7
  38. Streptococcus suis is an emerging zoonotic pathogen and is the leading cause of bacterial meningitis in adults in Vietnam. Systematic data on the antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of S. suis strains isolated...

    Authors: Ngo T Hoa, Tran TB Chieu, Ho DT Nghia, Nguyen TH Mai, Pham H Anh, Marcel Wolbers, Stephen Baker, James I Campbell, Nguyen VV Chau, Tran T Hien, Jeremy Farrar and Constance Schultsz
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:6
  39. Monomicrobial necrotizing fasciitis is rapidly progressive and life-threatening. This study was undertaken to ascertain whether the clinical presentation and outcome for patients with this disease differ for t...

    Authors: Ching-Yu Lee, Liang-Tseng Kuo, Kuo-Ti Peng, Wei-Hsiu Hsu, Tsan-Wen Huang and Ying-Chao Chou
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:5
  40. Acute otitis media (AOM) is one of the most frequently encountered bacterial infections in children aged < 5 years; Streptococcus pneumoniae (S. pneumoniae) and non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae (NTHi) are hist...

    Authors: Alexandra Sierra, Pio Lopez, Mercedes A Zapata, Beatriz Vanegas, Maria M Castrejon, Rodrigo DeAntonio, William P Hausdorff and Romulo E Colindres
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:4
  41. Tuberculosis (TB) in migrants is an ongoing challenge in several low TB incidence countries since a large proportion of TB in these countries occurs in migrants from high incidence countries. To meet these cha...

    Authors: Gonzalo G Alvarez, Brian Gushulak, Khaled Abu Rumman, Ekkehardt Altpeter, Daniel Chemtob, Paul Douglas, Connie Erkens, Peter Helbling, Ingrid Hamilton, Jane Jones, Alberto Matteelli, Marie-Claire Paty, Drew L Posey, Daniel Sagebiel, Erika Slump, Anders Tegnell…
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:3
  42. Voluntary home quarantine of cases and close contacts was the main non-pharmaceutical intervention used to limit transmission of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza (pH1N1) in the initial response to the outbreak o...

    Authors: Anne M Kavanagh, Rebecca J Bentley, Kate E Mason, Jodie McVernon, Sylvia Petrony, James Fielding, Anthony D LaMontagne and David M Studdert
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:2
  43. Tuberculosis is a leading cause of death worldwide, yet the determinants of death are not well understood. We sought to determine risk factors for mortality during treatment of drug-susceptible pulmonary tuber...

    Authors: Payam Nahid, Leah G Jarlsberg, Irina Rudoy, Bouke C de Jong, Alon Unger, L Masae Kawamura, Dennis H Osmond, Philip C Hopewell and Charles L Daley
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2011 11:1
  44. Encephalitis is an acute clinical syndrome of the central nervous system (CNS), often associated with fatal outcome or permanent damage, including cognitive and behavioural impairment, affective disorders and ...

    Authors: Jemila S Hamid, Christopher Meaney, Natasha S Crowcroft, Julia Granerod and Joseph Beyene
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2010 10:364
  45. Oral vancomycin (125 mg qid) is recommended as treatment of severe Clostridium difficile infection (CDI). Higher doses (250 or 500 mg qid) are sometimes recommended for patients with very severe CDI, without supp...

    Authors: Milagros Gonzales, Jacques Pepin, Eric H Frost, Julie C Carrier, Stephanie Sirard, Louis-Charles Fortier and Louis Valiquette
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2010 10:363
  46. New diagnoses of tuberculosis (TB) present important opportunities to detect and treat HIV. Rates of HIV and TB in Indonesia's easternmost Papua Province exceed national figures, but data on co-infection rates...

    Authors: Gysje J Pontororing, Enny Kenangalem, Dina B Lolong, Govert Waramori, Sandjaja, Emiliana Tjitra, Ric N Price, Paul M Kelly, Nicholas M Anstey and Anna P Ralph
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2010 10:362
  47. Human papilloma virus (HPV) types 6 and 11 account for 90 percent of anogenital warts (AGW). Assessment of a potential reduction of the incidence of AGW following introduction of HPV vaccines requires populati...

    Authors: Angela A Kraut, Tania Schink, Renate Schulze-Rath, Rafael T Mikolajczyk and Edeltraut Garbe
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2010 10:360

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