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  1. Neonatal infection constitutes one of Senegal’s most important public health problems, with a mortality rate of 41 deaths per 1,000 live births.

    Authors: Sebastien Breurec, Coralie Bouchiat, Jean-Marie Sire, Olivier Moquet, Raymond Bercion, Moussa Fafa Cisse, Philippe Glaser, Ousmane Ndiaye, Sidy Ka, Helene Salord, Abdoulaye Seck, Haby Signate Sy, Remy Michel and Benoit Garin
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:587
  2. Severe hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) is sometimes associated with serious complications such as acute heart failure that can cause substantial child mortality. N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide (...

    Authors: Hui-Ling Deng, Yu-Feng Zhang, Ya-Ping Li, Yu Zhang, Yan Xie, Jun Wang, Xiao-Yan Wang and Shuang-Suo Dang
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:585
  3. Achromobacter xylosoxidans (AX) is known for intrinsic resistance to disinfectants. Our laboratory routine surveillance system detected an unexpected rise in AX bloodstream infections in a 2200-bed hospital. An e...

    Authors: Frank Günther, Uta Merle, Uwe Frank, Matthias M. Gaida and Nico T. Mutters
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:584
  4. Anti-tuberculosis drug resistance is an emerging health problem in Kenya and especially in slums. Slum environments create a conducive environment for the spread of tuberculosis (TB) due to high population den...

    Authors: Glennah Kerubo, Evans Amukoye, Stefan Niemann and Samuel Kariuki
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:583
  5. Acute vision loss in the post-partum period can occur due to many reasons. Eclampsia, posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES), pituitary apoplexy, and central serous retinopathy are some of the imp...

    Authors: Aniruddha More, Ravindra Kumar Garg, Hardeep Singh Malhotra, Neeraj Kumar and Ravi Uniyal
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:582
  6. Cellulitis is a common infectious disease. Although blood culture is frequently used in the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of cellulitis, it is a contentious diagnostic test. To help clinicians determine w...

    Authors: Chun-Yuan Lee, Calvin M. Kunin, Chung Chang, Susan Shin-Jung Lee, Yao-Shen Chen and Hung-Chin Tsai
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:581
  7. Granulysin (GNLY) is produced by human lymphocyte subpopulations and exhibits antimicrobial activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. We examined the association between GNLY levels in blood and latent tubercu...

    Authors: Pham Huu Thuong, Do Bang Tam, Shinsaku Sakurada, Nguyen Thi Le Hang, Minako Hijikata, Le Thi Hong, Phan Thi Minh Ngoc, Pham Thu Anh, Vu Cao Cuong, Ikumi Matsushita, Luu Thi Lien and Naoto Keicho
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:580
  8. Dengue virus (DENV) and Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) belong to the genus Flavivirus, and infection with a virus within this genus induces antibodies that are cross-reactive to other flaviviruses. Particularl...

    Authors: Yuka Saito, Meng Ling Moi, Nozomi Takeshita, Chang-Kweng Lim, Hajime Shiba, Kuniaki Hosono, Masayuki Saijo, Ichiro Kurane and Tomohiko Takasaki
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:578
  9. Nearly every year Influenza affects most countries worldwide and the risk of a new pandemic is always present. Therefore, influenza is a major concern for public health. School-age individuals are often the mo...

    Authors: Constanze Ciavarella, Laura Fumanelli, Stefano Merler, Ciro Cattuto and Marco Ajelli
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:576
  10. An outbreak of pneumococcal meningitis among non-infant children and adults occurred in the Brong-Ahafo region of Ghana between December 2015 and April 2016 despite the recent nationwide implementation of a va...

    Authors: Brenda Anna Kwambana-Adams, Franklin Asiedu-Bekoe, Badu Sarkodie, Osei Kuffour Afreh, George Khumalo Kuma, Godfred Owusu-Okyere, Ebenezer Foster-Nyarko, Sally-Ann Ohene, Charles Okot, Archibald Kwame Worwui, Catherine Okoi, Madikay Senghore, Jacob Kweku Otu, Chinelo Ebruke, Richard Bannerman, Kwame Amponsa-Achiano…
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:575
  11. Aggregatibacter aphrophilus, a commensal of the oro-pharyngeal flora and member of the HACEK group of organisms, is an uncommonly encountered clinical pathogen. It has already been des...

    Authors: Morgane Choquet, Emilie Pluquet, Sandrine Castelain, Raphaël Guihéneuf and Véronique Decroix
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:574
  12. Tuberculous meningitis in adults is well characterized in Vietnam, but there are no data on the disease in children. We present a prospective descriptive study of Vietnamese children with TBM to define the pre...

    Authors: Nguyen Duc Bang, Maxine Caws, Thai Thanh Truc, Tran Ngoc Duong, Nguyen Huy Dung, Dang Thi Minh Ha, Guy E. Thwaites, Doortje Heemskerk, Joel Tarning, Laura Merson, Pham Van Toi, Jeremy J. Farrar, Marcel Wolbers, Thomas Pouplin and Jeremy N. Day
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:573
  13. Co-infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis remains a leading cause of morbidity and mortality among HIV infected individuals especially in developing countries. Early initiation of cART in these patients when C...

    Authors: Simon Mutembo, Jane N. Mutanga, Kebby Musokotwane, Lutangu Alisheke and Christopher C. Whalen
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:572
  14. Antiretroviral therapy (ART) and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) reduce HIV-1 transmission within heterosexual HIV-1 serodiscordant couples. Prioritizing couples at highest HIV-1 transmission risk for ART and ...

    Authors: Elizabeth M. Irungu, Renee Heffron, Nelly Mugo, Kenneth Ngure, Elly Katabira, Nulu Bulya, Elizabeth Bukusi, Josephine Odoyo, Stephen Asiimwe, Edna Tindimwebwa, Connie Celum and Jared M. Baeten
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:571
  15. Klebsiella pneumoniae (KP) is a significant paediatric bloodstream pathogen in children. There is little data from Africa. In this study we describe the epidemiology of multi-drug resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae ...

    Authors: Heloise Buys, Rudzani Muloiwa, Colleen Bamford and Brian Eley
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:570
  16. Acute reduction in hemoglobin levels is frequently seen during sepsis. Previous studies have focused on the management of anemia in patients with septic shock admitted to intensive care units (ICU’s), includin...

    Authors: Gassan Fuad Muady, Haim Bitterman, Arie Laor, Moshe Vardi, Vitally Urin and Nesrin Ghanem-Zoubi
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:569
  17. Outcome of patients with streptococcal prosthetic joint infections (PJIs) is not well known.

    Authors: E. Fiaux, M. Titecat, O. Robineau, J. Lora-Tamayo, Y. El Samad, M. Etienne, N. Frebourg, N. Blondiaux, B. Brunschweiler, F. Dujardin, E. Beltrand, C. Loiez, V. Cattoir, J. P. Canarelli, C. Hulet, M. Valette…
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:568
  18. Fever is a common cause of hospital admission in Bangladesh but causative agents, other than malaria, are not routinely investigated. Enteric fever is thought to be common.

    Authors: Rapeephan R. Maude, Aniruddha Ghose, Rasheda Samad, Hanna K. de Jong, Masako Fukushima, Lalith Wijedoru, Mahtab Uddin Hassan, Md Amir Hossain, Md Rezaul Karim, Abdullah Abu Sayeed, Stannie van den Ende, Sujat Pal, A. S. M. Zahed, Wahid Rahman, Rifat Karnain, Rezina Islam…
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:567
  19. The rodent borne Puumala hantavirus (PUUV) causes haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in central and northern Europe. The number of cases has increased and northern Sweden has experienced large outbreaks in...

    Authors: Kristina Bergstedt Oscarsson, Alette Brorstad, Maria Baudin, Anne Lindberg, Annika Forssén, Magnus Evander, Marie Eriksson and Clas Ahlm
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:566
  20. HCV treatment among people who inject drugs (PWID) is low. Education programs may be suitable strategies to improve patients’ knowledge about their condition and to overcome barriers to access treatment.

    Authors: Rui Tato Marinho, António Costa, Teodomiro Pires, Helena Raposo, Carlos Vasconcelos, Cristina Polónia, Joaquim Borges, Mariana Soares, Graça Vilar and Ana Maria Nogueira
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:565
  21. Tuberculosis (TB) disproportionately affects immigrants, HIV-infected individuals, and those living in crowded settings such as homeless shelters and correctional facilities. Although the majority of jails and...

    Authors: Ank E. Nijhawan, Princess A. Iroh, Larry S. Brown, Daniel Winetsky and Esmaeil Porsa
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:564
  22. The spread of resistance to carbapenems among Enterobacteriaceae has become a major public health problem in recent years. In this study, we describe an outbreak of Klebsiella pneumoniae in the neonatal ward. Fir...

    Authors: Jing Yu, Kun Tan, Zhihui Rong, Yue Wang, Zhongju Chen, Xuhui Zhu, Li Wu, Li Tan, Wei Xiong, Ziyong Sun and Ling Chen
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:563
  23. A substantial proportion of HIV-infected adults starting antiretroviral therapy (ART) in sub-Saharan Africa are malnourished. We aimed to increase understanding of the factors affecting their high mortality, p...

    Authors: Susannah L Woodd, Paul Kelly, John R. Koethe, George Praygod, Andrea M. Rehman, Molly Chisenga, Joshua Siame, Douglas C. Heimburger, Henrik Friis and Suzanne Filteau
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:562
  24. Acute rheumatic fever (ARF) and rheumatic heart disease (RHD) are responsible for a significant disease burden amongst Māori and Pacific populations in New Zealand (NZ). However, contemporary data are lacking ...

    Authors: Deborah A Williamson, Pierre R Smeesters, Andrew C Steer, Julie Morgan, Mark Davies, Philip Carter, Arlo Upton, Stephen Y.C. Tong, John Fraser and Nicole J Moreland
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:561
  25. Differences between the characteristics of culture positive pyogenic spondylitis (CPPS) and tuberculous spondylitis (TS) are well known. However, differences between the characteristics of culture negative pyo...

    Authors: Chung-Jong Kim, Eun Jung Kim, Kyoung-Ho Song, Pyoeng Gyun Choe, Wan Beom Park, Ji Hwan Bang, Eu Suk Kim, Sang Won Park, Hong-Bin Kim, Myoung-don Oh and Nam Joong Kim
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:560
  26. Among septic patients admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU), early recognition of those with the highest risk of death is of paramount importance. Since clinical judgment is sometimes uncertain biomarkers ...

    Authors: P. E. Charles, R. Noel, F. Massin, J. Guy, P. E. Bollaert, J. P. Quenot and S. Gibot
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:559
  27. Worldwide, human brucellosis remains an important and widespread infection. In the past, there were limited data on the occurrence of human brucellosis in the United Arab Emirates and the reported incidence ap...

    Authors: Nawal Al Shehhi, Faisal Aziz, Farida Al Hosani, Bashir Aden and Iain Blair
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:558
  28. Mycoplasma hominis, a well known cause of neonatal infection, has been reported as a pathogen in urogenital infections in adults; however, central nervous system (CNS) infections are rare. We report here the firs...

    Authors: Menglan Zhou, Peng Wang, Sharon Chen, Bin Du, Jinlong Du, Fengdan Wang, Meng Xiao, Fanrong Kong and Yingchun Xu
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:557
  29. Fosfomycin is increasingly called upon for the treatment of multi drug-resistant (MDR) organisms causing urinary tract infection (UTI). We reviewed oral fosfomycin use for UTI treatment in a large UK hospital....

    Authors: Philippa C. Matthews, Lucinda K. Barrett, Stephanie Warren, Nicole Stoesser, Mel Snelling, Matthew Scarborough and Nicola Jones
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:556
  30. Little is known about survival outcomes of HIV patients on first-line antiretroviral therapy (ART) on a large-scale in India, or facility level factors that influence patient survival to guide further improvem...

    Authors: Rakhi Dandona, Bharat B. Rewari, G. Anil Kumar, Sukarma Tanwar, S. G. Prem Kumar, Venkata S. Vishnumolakala, Herbert C. Duber, Emmanuela Gakidou and Lalit Dandona
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:555
  31. Performing a test of cure (TOC) could demonstrate success or failure of antimicrobial treatment of Chlamydia trachomatis infection, but recommendations for the timing of a TOC using nucleic acid amplification tes...

    Authors: Carolien M. Wind, Maarten F. Schim van der Loeff, Magnus Unemo, Rob Schuurman, Alje P. van Dam and Henry J. C. de Vries
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:554
  32. The best surgical modality for treating chronic periprosthetic hip infections remains controversial, with a lack of randomised controlled studies. The aim of this systematic review is to compare the infection ...

    Authors: D. A. George, N. Logoluso, G. Castellini, S. Gianola, S. Scarponi, F. S. Haddad, L. Drago and C. L. Romano
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:553
  33. Many nations maintain stockpiles of neuraminidase inhibitor (NAI) antiviral agents for use in influenza pandemics to reduce transmission and mitigate the course of clinical infection. Pandemic preparedness pla...

    Authors: Robert Moss, James M. McCaw, Allen C. Cheng, Aeron C. Hurt and Jodie McVernon
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:552
  34. Septic shock is a common and often devastating syndrome marked by severe cardiovascular dysfunction commonly managed with vasopressors. Whether markers of heart rate complexity before vasopressor up-titration ...

    Authors: Samuel M. Brown, Jeffrey Sorensen, Michael J. Lanspa, Matthew T. Rondina, Colin K. Grissom, Sajid Shahul and V. J. Mathews
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:551
  35. Coccidioidomycosis, a potentially fatal fungal infection, is considered an emergent mycotic disease because of the increased incidence of fungal infections registered over recent years. Infection occurs throug...

    Authors: María del Rocío Reyes-Montes, María Ameyali Pérez-Huitrón, Jorge Luis Ocaña-Monroy, María Guadalupe Frías-De-León, Erick Martínez-Herrera, Roberto Arenas and Esperanza Duarte-Escalante
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:550
  36. Rotavirus is acknowledged as an important cause of paediatric gastroenteritis worldwide. In Spain, comprehensive data on the burden of rotavirus disease was lacking.

    Authors: J. Arístegui, J. Ferrer, I. Salamanca, E. Garrote, A. Partidas, M. San-Martin and B. San-Jose
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:549
  37. Visceral leishmaniasis (VL) is a protozoan disease that is invariably fatal if left untreated. The disease is found in 70 countries with incidence of 0.2 – 0.4 million cases. The mainstay of treatment in resou...

    Authors: Aschalew Tamiru, Bethlehem Tigabu, Sisay Yifru, Ermias Diro and Asrat Hailu
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:548
  38. This study aims to identify dengue neutralizing antibody response in patients with dengue from a well-characterized cohort during an outbreak in central Brazil, 2012–2013.

    Authors: Angela Ferreira Lopes de Teive e Argolo, Valéria Christina de Rezende Féres, Marli Tenório Cordeiro, Lucimeire Antonelli da Silveira, Adriana Oliveira Guilarde, Ernesto Torres de Azevedo Marques Jr., Wayner Vieira de Souza and Celina Maria Turchi Martelli
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:546
  39. HIV-1 infection impairs tuberculosis (TB) specific immune responses affecting the diagnosis of latent TB. We aimed to (1) determine the proportion of HIV-1-infected adults with a negative QuantiFERON®-TB Gold ...

    Authors: Hanif Esmail, Friedrich Thienemann, Tolu Oni, Rene Goliath, Katalin A. Wilkinson and Robert J. Wilkinson
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:545
  40. E protein of tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) and other flaviviruses is located on the surface of the viral particle. Domain III of this protein seems to be a promising component of subunit vaccines for pr...

    Authors: Anna S. Ershova, Olga A. Gra, Alexander M. Lyaschuk, Tatyana M. Grunina, Artem P. Tkachuk, Mikhail S. Bartov, Darya M. Savina, Olga V. Sergienko, Zoya M. Galushkina, Vladimir P. Gudov, Liubov I. Kozlovskaya, Ivan S. Kholodilov, Larissa V. Gmyl, Galina G. Karganova, Vladimir G. Lunin, Anna S. Karyagina…
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:544
  41. Yemen has witnessed several dengue fever outbreaks coincident with the social unrest and war in the country. The aim of the present study was to describe the knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAPs) of at-ris...

    Authors: Thaker A. A. Alyousefi, Rashad Abdul-Ghani, Mohammed A. K. Mahdy, Samira M. A. Al-Eryani, Abdulsalam M. Al-Mekhlafi, Yahia A. Raja, Shamusul Azhar Shah and John C. Beier
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:543
  42. In 2010, a universal nomenclature for varicella-zoster virus (VZV) clades was established, which is very useful in the monitoring of viral evolution, recombination, spread and genetic diversity. Currently, inf...

    Authors: Songtao Xu, Mukai Chen, Huanying Zheng, Haiyan Wang, Meng Chen, Jianhui Zhou, Wang Shuang, Pengbo Yu, Chaofeng Ma, Jilan He, Daxing Feng, Zhu Zhen, Zhang Yan, Mao Naiying, Aili Cui, Qiuhua Wu…
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:542
  43. Coxiella burnetii is an important zoonotic pathogen of global distribution. Still, in most parts of South America including Chile, systematic epidemiological data are lacking. The presented study aims to determin...

    Authors: Thomas Weitzel, Javier López, Gerardo Acosta-Jamett, Sophie Edouard, Philippe Parola and Katia Abarca
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:541
  44. Immigrants from countries with high incidence of tuberculosis (TB) are usually offered screening when they arrive to low incidence countries. The tuberculin skin test (TST) is often used. The interferon gamma ...

    Authors: Margret Johansson Gudjónsdóttir, Karsten Kötz, Ruth Stangebye Nielsen, Philip Wilmar, Sofia Olausson, Daniel Wallmyr and Birger Trollfors
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:540
  45. New methods for controlling sand fly are highly desired by the Visceral Leishmaniasis (VL) elimination program of Bangladesh, India and Nepal for its consolidation and maintenance phases. To support the progra...

    Authors: M. Mamun Huda, Vijay Kumar, Murari Lal Das, Debashis Ghosh, Jyoti Priyanka, Pradeep Das, Abdul Alim, Greg Matlashewski, Axel Kroeger, Eduardo Alfonso-Sierra and Dinesh Mondal
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:539
  46. Infections remain a leading cause of morbidity and mortality among liver transplant (LT) recipients. The aim of our study was to define the factors associated with outcome of early bacterial and fungal infecti...

    Authors: Francesco Barchiesi, Roberto Montalti, Pamela Castelli, Daniele Nicolini, Silvia Staffolani, Federico Mocchegiani, Alessandro Fiorentini, Esther Manso and Marco Vivarelli
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:538
  47. Beta-haemolytic streptococci are important contributors to the global burden of osteoarticular infections (OAI). Knowledge on the disease traits specific for streptococcal OAI, however, remains scarce. We wish...

    Authors: Oddvar Oppegaard, Steinar Skrede, Haima Mylvaganam and Bård Reiakvam Kittang
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2016 16:535

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