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Table 1 Parameters and their default values

From: Increasing the frequency of hand washing by healthcare workers does not lead to commensurate reductions in staphylococcal infection in a hospital ward

Parameter Meaning Default value
N Number of patients 20
n' Number of health care workers (HCWs) 3
μ Patient removal rate 0.10 per day
μ' Handwashing rate 14.0 per day
λ' Average efficacy of each handwashing event 0.5 (i.e. 50%)
γ Detection rate of colonized patients 0.10 per day
σ Proportion of admissions already colonized 0.01
c Patient-HCW contact rate 5 per patient per HCW per day
p HCW-patient transmission probability (i.e. transmissibility) 0.1
p' Patient-HCW transmission probability (i.e. transmissibility) 0.1
β HCW-patient transmission rate (β = cp) 0.5
β' Patient-HCW transmission rate (β' = cp') 0.5