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Table 1 Type of bla TEM allele, β-lactamase producing plasmid, number of NG-MAST STs, and year and WHO Region of isolation of N. gonorrhoeae isolates cultured in 20002011 in 15 countries

From: Characterisation of bla TEM genes and types of β-lactamase plasmids in Neisseria gonorrhoeae – the prevalent and conserved bla TEM-135 has not recently evolved and existed in the Toronto plasmid from the origin

β-lactamase encoding gene (No. of isolates) β-lactamase producing plasmid types (%) Number different NG-MAST STs Year (WHO Region) of isolation
bla TEM-1 (104) African (85.6), Asian (14.4) 93 2000-2011 (All Regionsa)
bla TEM-135 (30) Rio/Toronto (86.7), Asian (10), African (3.3), 29 2000-2009 (All Regionsa)
bla TEM-P14Sb (2) African (100) 2 2008 (European)
bla TEM-P14Tb (1) Asian (100) 1 2003 (European)
bla TEM-E110K (1) African (100) 1 2003 (African)
bla TEM-G228S (1) African (100) 1 2009 (Western Pacific)
bla TEM-135 c Rio/Toronto   1984 (American)
bla TEM-1 c African   Late-1970s (American)
bla TEM-1 c Asian   Late-1970s (American)
  1. aWHO European, African, American (North and Latin America), Southeast Asian and Western Pacific Region.
  2. bAmino acid alteration in the 23 amino acids long signal peptide.
  3. cPreviously published strains possessing the first Toronto plasmid described (pJD7 [39, 40]), one of the first Asian plasmids (pJD4 [3941]) and African plasmids (pJD5 [3941]) isolated in Canada.