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Figure 1

From: Rapid and accurate detection of RMP- and INH- resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosisin spinal tuberculosis specimens by CapitalBio™ DNA microarray: A prospective validation study

Figure 1

Schematic diagram of the DNA probe array for rpoB , katG and inhA detection. a. The biochip contains two microarrays and two specimens can be analyzed in parallel; for each array, one sub-array is for RMP, and the other is for INH. b. Six rpoB wild-type probes and thirteen mutation-type probes were designed for the detection of RMP resistance. c. For the detection of INH resistance, one probe covers the wild-type codon 315 of katG and two mutation-type probes for the same region, while one wild-type probe and one mutation-type probe detect the inhA promoter region. All probes were immobilized horizontally for five times. QC: quality controls, EC: external controls, BC: blank controls, NC: negative controls, IC: internal controls, WT: wild type.

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