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Adrian Gonzalez Lopez

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New Content ItemAdrian joined the BioMed Central family as the Editor of BMC Infectious Diseases in March 2021. Before entering the editorial world, Adrian spent twelve years in basic and clinical research studying lung pathologies commonly present in critically ill patients. From 2016 he worked as Principal Investigator at Charité University Hospital in Berlin, developing his research in Ventilator Induced Lung/Brain Injury. The years spent as a researcher make Adrian appreciate the value of open access and the importance of working for a science based on quality and ethical standards.

Stuart Weir

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Stuart Weir is an Assistant Editor for BMC Infectious Diseases and BMC Microbiology. He graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2018 with an MSci in Biology where he looked at the influence of environmental factors such as parasitic infections on the rates of allergy in relation to the hygiene hypothesis. 

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