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Table 2 COVID-19 response and challenges experienced in Israeli Hospitals

From: Healthcare-associated infection prevention and control practices in Israel: results of a national survey

Hospital has designated areas to care for COVID-19 patients that are separated from non-COVID patients 100%
Hospital has opened new units to care for COVID-19 patients 100%
Hospital has experienced staff shortages due to absences and/or illness during the COVID-19 pandemic 73.3%
Hospital pandemic response plan in addressing COVID-19 has been very/extremely effective 80.0%
Hospital has experienced moderate/extreme financial hardship resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic* 80.0%
Hospital COVID-19 vaccination plan has been very/extremely successful in vaccinating staff 100%
Hospital has experienced an increase in loss of staff (e.g., resignations) in the midst of COVID-19 40.0%
  1. *No answer for 5 of the 15 responding hospitals. 80% based on the 10 responses