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Table 2 Frequency table of urinary symptoms in UTI positive participants (Nā€‰=ā€‰214)

From: Comprehensive assessment of holding urine as a behavioral risk factor for UTI in women and reasons for delayed voiding

Urinary symptom in last one month Number %
a A sudden desire to urinate, which is difficult to hold (urgency) 100 47
b Urinary leakage, because you cannot hold the sudden
desire to urinate (urge incontinence)
56 26
c Delay in starting urinary stream (hesitancy) 51 24
d Need to strain to keep urinary stream(straining) 38 18
e Feeling of incomplete emptying bladder after you urinate 74 35
f Leakage of urine after you finish urinating (dribbling) 81 38
g Pain in the bladder or lower abdomen or supra pubic region 102 48
h Pain in the urethra 38 18
i Burning on urination (dysuria) 61 28
j Pain on urination (dysuria) 36 17
k Blood in urine (hematuria) 7 3
l Fever associated with any of the above symptom 17 8
m Any of the above symptom appears after menstruation 82 38
n Frequency of urination 137 64