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Table 1 Screening criteria of infectious diseases

From: Infectious diseases prevention and control using an integrated health big data system in China

Infectious diseases Guidelines Screening criteria Interventions
A: Any following diagnoses: acute upper respiratory infection (J00–J06); cold and pneumonia due to certain identified influenza viruses (J09–J18); Acute lower respiratory infection (J20–J22); Other upper respiratory infection (J30–J39)
B: Any following key unstructured texts in medical imaging diagnosis abstracts: shadow; pleural thickening; pleural effusion; lung infection; infective lesion; pulmonary nodules
Individual patient (in the past month)
C1: Diagnoses with A ≥ 2 times; the interval ≥ 14 days
C2: Diagnoses with A ≥ 5 times
C3: Diagnoses with A and B
Multi patients (in the past month)
D1: The number of roommates with diagnoses A ≥ 2
D2: The number of classmates with diagnoses A ≥ 5
D3: The number of classmates with diagnoses B ≥ 2
D4: The number of students in one school or one grade with diagnoses B ≥ 5
E: If a TB patient is confirmed, the students with diagnoses A or B in the same dormitory or class in the past and next 3 months will be included in suspected patients
Individual patient screening
The patient who satisfies with C1 or C2 or C3 will be screened as a suspected patient
Multi patients screening
(1) The patients who satisfy with D1 or D2 or D3 or D4 will be screened as suspected patients
(2) The patients who satisfy with E will be screened as suspected patients
The selected suspected patients will be reviewed using Lung TB Outpatient Diagnosis and Treatment Guideline by the CDC officials
The reviewed suspected patients will be referred to TB specialized hospital to confirm using CT scanning or T-SPOT.TB test
Dengue fever G3
A: Patients > 15 years old
B1: White blood cell count (WBC) < 4.5 * 109/L
B2: WBC reduced by 10% compared with the most recent medical record (health check record first, or medical records with normal WBC < 9.5 * 109/L)
C1: Platelet count (PLT) < 125 * 109/L
C2: PLT reduced by 10% compared with the most recent medical record (health check record first, or medical records with normal PLT < 350 * 109/L)
D: In the past 5 days with any following diagnoses:
Fever (R50.800; R50.900; A92.800; A92.900; A94.X00; A94.X01); Infectious fever (B99.X01); Viral Infection (B34.800); Upper Respiratory Tract Inflection (J06.90); Acute pharyngitis (J02.80; J02.900); Cold (BNW01); Erythra (R21.X00; B09.X01); Thrombocytopenia (D69.400; D69.403; D69.500; D69.501; D69.600)
All the screening criteria were validated using the confirmed dengue fever cases from both Yinzhou and Ningbo from 2014 to 2018 to improve its accuracy and sensitivity
The big data platform ran all the clinical records from health facilities in Yinzhou in the end of a day. The patients who satisfy A, B1 or B2 or C1 or C2, and D will be selected as a suspected dengue fever patient
The big data platform automatically returned the suspected patients name list to the original hospitals in the early next day
The public health officials of hospital will work with the clinical doctors to confirm the suspected patients including calling the patients to have travel history and other information and re-checking the cases
Migrant children with incomplete immunization G5 Match the name list of children under 15 years old who visiting medical institutions in Yinzhou with the name list of children who have been covered by local immunization program. Because some younger children did not have an ID number or even a name, we conducted matches as follow:
A: the ID number of the children
B: children’s name and birthday
C: children’s family name, birthday, and township of residence
D: parents’ names and children’s birthday
If the emerging children can’t match with any cases in the dataset of Yinzhou Immunization Program using A and B and C and D, the children will be screened as a potential case with incomplete immunization. The local immunization staff will call the suspected children’s parents and confirm their children’s immunization status