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Table 2 Accuracy of mortality risk scores

From: Comparison of mortality risk evaluation tools efficacy in critically ill COVID-19 patients

Risk score AUC p value 95% CI
SOFA 0.679  < 0.001 0.611 0.747
SAPS II 0.755  < 0.001 0.695 0.815
APACHE II 0.772  < 0.001 0.714 0.830
4C Mortality 0.754  < 0.001 0.694 0.814
  1. The AUC values for each ROC curve for the ICU mortality risk scores and 4C Mortality Score, p-value denotes the null hypothesis that the AUC really equals 0.50
  2. ICU intensive care unit, ROC-AUC receiver operating characteristic area under the curve, SAPS II Simplified Acute Physiology Score II, SOFA Sequential Organ Failure Assessment, APACHE II Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation II, 4C Mortality 4C Mortality Score