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Table 1 Summary of published cases of fungal balls due to Schizophyllum commune

From: A Schizophyllum commune fungus ball in a lung cancer cavity: a case report

Author, country, year, reference Age (years), sex Symptoms Underlying condition Diagnostic method Susceptibility MEC or MIC (μg/mL) Treatment Outcome
Sigler, Canada, 1995, [4] 53, F Cough
TB, DM Morphotype, Analyzing ITS ND Lobectomy Survived
Chowdhary, India, 2013, [8] 42, M Hemoptysis TB, DM Morphotype, Immunodiffusion test, Specific IgE, Skin test, Analyzing ITS ITC < 0.06–0.125; VRC 0.5–1; POS 0.015–0.125; AMB 0.5–1; CAS 0.125–0.5; AFG 0.125–0.5; MFG 0.125–0.5 Systemic glucocorticoids
ITC, 4 months
Sakaguchi, Japan, 2018, [10] 58, F None None Morphotype, Analyzing ITS ND Lobectomy Survived
Present case 76, M Hemosputum Lung cancer, DM, HT Morphotype, Analyzing ITS ND Lobectomy Survived
  1. MEC, Minimum effective concentrations; MIC, minimum inhibitory concentration; F, female; M, male; ND, not done; DM, diabetes mellitus; TB, tuberculosis; HT, hypertension; AMB, amphotericin B; IgE, immunoglobin E; ITC, itraconazole; FLC, fluconazole; VRC, voriconazole; MFG, micafungin; POS, posaconazole; CAS,