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Table 1 The MSIS criteria after removing synovial fluid tests:

From: The concordance between preoperative aspiration and intraoperative synovial fluid culture results: intraoperative synovial fluid re-cultures are necessary whether the preoperative aspiration culture is positive or not

Major Criteria: (PJI is identified when one of the following criteria exist)
 1) The identical pathogen was cultured in at least 2 samples
 2) The presence of sinus that was communicated with the prosthesis
Minor Criteria: (PJI is identified when three of the following 6 criteria exist)
 (1) Elevated serum C-reactive protein (CRP) AND erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)
 (2) A single positive culture
 (3) Purulence in the affected joint.
 (4) Positive histology analysis of periprosthetic tissue. (≥ neutrophil cells per HP)
 (5) Elevated synovial fluid WBC count
 (6) Elevated synovial fluid PMN%