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Table 2 Risk assessment factors for the Risk Calculator Module

From: RiskRadar: development and pilot results of a technical intervention targeting combination prevention regarding HIV, viral hepatitis, sexually transmitted infections and tuberculosis

Risk factor Possible answer
HIV status Positive/Negative/Unknown
Partner’s HIV status Positive/Negative/Unknown
Condomless sex incidence Yes/No
MSM Yes/No
Immigration status (Is user an immigrant?) Yes/No
Person Who Injects Drugs (PWID) Yes/No
Person Who Injects Drugs (PWID)—sharing injecting equipment Yes/No
Person Who Injects Drugs (PWID)—not sharing injecting equipment Yes/No
Hepatitis B vaccination status Vaccinated/Unvaccinated/Unknown
Tuberculosis vaccination status (only if user is immigrant) Vaccinated/Unvaccinated /Unknown
Condom Test: fit of the condom Just Right/Loose/Short/Tight
Condom Test: latex allergy Yes/No
Condom: adequate sensation Yes/No