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Table 2 Summary of Canadian provincial formularies for oral fluoroquinolone antibiotics in 2016

From: Regional variation in the potentially inappropriate first-line use of fluoroquinolones in Canada as a key to antibiotic stewardship? A drug utilization review study

Ciprofloxacin L B L L L L
Levofloxacin L NB L L L L
Moxifloxacin L B L L L L
Norfloxacin B B L L B L
  1. Information assessed in October 2016 through the National Prescription Drug Utilization Information System (NPDUIS) Database. Current versions of the provincial drug plans are accessible online from the respective health ministries
  2. B (benefit): no specific requirements for reimbursement
  3. L (limited): restricted to specific criteria
  4. NB (non-benefit): not available through the public drug plan
  5. AB Alberta, BC British Columbia, MB Manitoba, NS Nova Scotia, ON Ontario, SK Saskatchewan