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Table 2 Results of drug sensitivity test for Campylobacter insulaenigrae cultured on day 22

From: Campylobacter insulaenigrae bacteremia with meningitis: a case report

Disk method Etest
Antibiotic Zone
  Antibiotic MIC
(μg /ml))
Ampicillin 33 S Ampicillin 8
Cefotaxime > 30 S Ceftriaxone 0.25
Ceftriaxone 8 R Imipenem 0.125
Cefaclor 24 S Meropenem 0.003
Meropenem > 30 S Minocycline < 0.016
Erythromycin > 30 S Sulfamethoxazole-Trimethoprim > 32
Fosfomycin 0 R Cefepime 1.0
Levofloxacin 10 R Clindamycin 0.064
    Ciprofloxacin 2
    Levofloxacin 2
    Tazobactam/Piperacillin < 0.016
  1. The “S” and “R” represent “susceptible” and “resistant”, respectively. The result of the Etest was obtained after the treatment. The assignment of S or R was according to the standard values for Campylobacter, according to the Clinical and Laboratory Standard Institute (CLSI). The assessment of the Etest was difficult, as a standard was not specified by the CLSI