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Table 1 Laboratory results

From: Palmo-plantar hyperkeratosis associated with HTLV-1 infection: a case report

Blood count Infectious profile Coproscopic Bone marrow studies
Leukocytes (cell/mm3) 10,170 HIV Negative No parasitic structures are observed in the analyzed sample Peripheral blood smear: Normal white blood cells in number and morphology neutrophils: 69% lymphocytes: 20% monocytes: 10% Eosinophils: 1%. Red blood cell morphology with mild anisocytosis and hypochromia. Increased platelet count and occasional macro platelets. Conclusion:
Morphological abnormalities in lymphocytes with a cleaved nucleus, associated with neutrophilia with evidence of Pelger Hüet abnormality and significant thrombocytosis
Neutrophils (cell/mm3) 5340 Non-treponemal test No reactive
Lymphocytes (cell/mm3) 3620 HBsAg Negative
Monocytes (cell/mm3) 1110 HTLV serology 80.33 (Positive) Bone marrow biopsy: Hypocellular bone marrow for age with alteration in the myeloid and megakaryocytic lines.
Eosinophils (cell/mm3) 104   
Haemoglobin (g/dl) 13   
Haematocrito (%) 38.5   
Platelets (cell/mm3) 559,000