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Table 6 Limited strategies adopted by hospital administration to ensure quality and safe distribution of antibiotics: themes, subthemes, categories and exemplar quotations

From: Antibiotic stewardship program in Pakistan: a multicenter qualitative study exploring medical doctors’ knowledge, perception and practices

Subthemes Categories Quotations
Reporting system Adverse drug event reporting to hospital pharmacist is minimal R1:Drug is showing serious side effect, dosage form is not proper, or drug is substandard we report it to pharmacist but it rarely happens that we report as there is no proper reporting system.
If medicine is substandard
• Report to company
• Obligatory drug testing to ensure the quality
R5: There is protocol called recall medicine protocol. We fill the form and report it to company. And ideally district drug controller should be informed.
R2: Drug testing laboratory for testing quality of antibiotics if we see any problem like even given in proper dose and medicine is not effective.