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Table 1 Survey measures related to novel coronavirus and potential vaccination

From: Predictors of willingness to get a COVID-19 vaccine in the U.S

Type of variable Construct Question Response options (and recoding)
Outcomes Willingness to receive the vaccine When a vaccine for the Coronavirus becomes available, I will get it. Strongly disagree; disagree; agree; strongly agree (recoded as willing or not willing)
Willingness to vaccinate the child When a vaccine for Coronavirus becomes available, I will have my child get it. Strongly disagree; disagree; agree; strongly agree (recoded as dichotomous)
Predictors Underlying medical conditions Who in your household has any of the following:
-Chronic kidney disease (undergoing dialysis) or liver disease (e.g., cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis)?
-a compromised immune system (immunosuppression)?
-a serious heart condition?
-chronic lung disease?
-moderate to severe asthma?
Myself; someone in my household other than me; no one (for this measure, we used only respondents’ answers about themselves)
Worry I am worried about getting the Coronavirus Strongly agree; agree; disagree; strongly disagree
Perceived threat What level of threat do you think the Coronavirus poses to each of the following?
you or your family
(Other objects of threat were included on the survey but will be reported elsewhere.)
Very high threat; high threat; moderate threat; low threat; very low threat; don’t know (Recoded into a four-level item: low/very low; moderate; high/very high; don’t know)
Past flu vaccination behavior When was the last time you were vaccinated for the flu? Less than 1 year ago; 1–2 years ago; 3 or more years ago; or I have never been vaccinated for the flu