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Table 3 Theme Progression

From: Exploring and understanding HCV patient journeys- HEPCARE Europe project

First round codes Categories Themes
Not know treatment was available, Not know there is new treatment, Not assisted in accessing treatment, diagnosed but not offered treatment Lack of agency Lost to Follow Up
treatment unavailable, strict eligibility requirements, cost, stigma, peer v HCP, waiting times, mistrust HCP Barrier to accessing treatment
Homelessness, mobility, instability, complex lifestyles, cycle of addiction, mental health, HCV not priority, family problems, regret, IDU history, IDU competing priorities
concerns about treatment, transmission fears, disclosure, HCV stigma, shame, burden, depression, HCV denial, want support, isolation HCV fears  
Never offered treatment, not access services, dislike hospital, HIV > HCV, background HCV status unknown HepCare improved access to treatment
Prison, appointments, resolve, want treatment, want support, HCV support, HCP experience, no judgement, new opportunities. HepCare vouchers Access treatment
Adherence, motivation, treatment side effects, trust HCP, HCV symptoms, outreach services, addiction services, personal relationships treatment experience
HCV free, positive outlook, new opportunities, self-care, mental health, resolve, personal motivation HCV free
Alcohol use, sharing gear, transmission fears, confidence in treatment, risk reinfection, HCV misinformed, HCV peer discussion awareness HCV education