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Table 1 Qualitative assessment of DBS testing; type of extraction, PCR protocol, DBS samples input and overall percentage of DBS punches that tested positive for CMV DNA

From: Diagnosing congenital Cytomegalovirus infection: don’t get rid of dried blood spots

DNA Extraction methodPCR protocolDBS samples imput% of CMV-positive DBS with low viral load (< 4 log10 copie/ml)% of CMV-positive DBS with moderate-high viral load (> 4 log10 copie/ml)References
QIAamp DNA Investigator Kit (QIAGEN)Real-time PCR3 punches of 3.2 mm88%97%[15]
QIAamp DNA Investigator Kit on QIAcube (QIAGEN)Real-time PCR3 punches of 3.2 mm79%100%
QIAamp DNA Mini Kit (QIAGEN)Real-time PCR3 punches of 3.2 mm46%91%
Thermal shock (methods by Barbi et al.)Real-time PCR1 punches of 6 mm100%100%
Thermal shock (methods by Barbi et al.)Real-time PCR3 punches of 3.2 mm60%90%[16]
KOH-Tris Extracta DBS (QuantaBio)Real-time PCR3 punches of 3.2 mm80%98%
DNA Extract All (Applied Biosystems)Real-time PCR3 punches of 3.2 mm83%98%
Gentra Puregene (QIAGEN)Real-time PCR3 punches of 3.2 mm67%100%
M48 MagAttract DNA Mini ki (QIAGEN)Real-time PCR3 punches of 3.2 mm58%85%
Manual phenol-chloroform methodConventional PCR1 whole Spot (Ø 1 cm)66%*[18]
Manual phenol-chloroform methodReal-time PCR1 whole Spot (Ø1cm)82%*
easyMAG (BioMérieux)Conventional PCR1 whole Spot (Ø 1 cm)45%*
easyMAG (BioMerieux)Real-time PCR1 whole Spot (Ø 1 cm)73%*
  1. * Viral load not provided