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Table 4 Prevalence of High risk HPV by demographic characteristics of the total population

From: Prevalence of viral sexually transmitted infections and HPV high-risk genotypes in women in rural communities in the Department of La Paz, Bolivia

Variable groupTotalPositiveCrudeAdjusted
 NN(%)OR95% CIPvalue1OR295% CIPvalue
All women376101(27)      
  < 269635(37)1.0(Ref)    
  > 458622(26)0.60.3–1.10.10   
 Professional or students5318(34)1.0(Ref)    
 Self employed313435(26)0.70.3––1.70.56
Number of children
Current family planning method
 Hormonal contraception12629(23)1.10.3–4.20.891.40.3–5.40.64
Cytological inspection PAP
 Large size town23970(29)1.0(Ref)    
 Small size town6814(21)0.60.3––1.20.20
 HSV-2 Negative17945(25)1.0(Ref)    
 HSV-2 Positive19255(29)1.20.7–1.90.401.20.8–20.30
 HBAg Negative36394(50)1.0(Ref)    
 HBAg Positive84(26)2.70.7––110.20
  1. 1P value was calculated between the subgroups or variables compared to the reference variable
  2. 2Odds ratio adjusted for age
  3. 3Self-employed: Merchant, artisan, cook and farmer
  4. 4Others: Intra uterine devise (IUD), tubal ligation and calendar
  5. Abbreviations: OR Odds ratio, CI Confidence interval, Ref reference