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Table 3 Seroprevalence of anti-HBVc and HBAg by demographic characteristics of the total population

From: Prevalence of viral sexually transmitted infections and HPV high-risk genotypes in women in rural communities in the Department of La Paz, Bolivia

Variable groupTotalPositiveCrudeAdjusted
NN(%)OR95% CIPvalue1OR295% CIPvalue
All women38938(9.7) 7.1–13    
HBAg86(15.8) 7.1–30    
  < 26986(6)1.0(Ref)    
  > 458910(11)1.90.7–5.60.21   
 Professional or student513(4)1.0(Ref) 1.0(Ref) 
 Self employed313617(12)3.50.8––140.17
Number of children
 0411(2)1.0(Ref) 1.0(Ref) 
Current family planning method
 Condom141(7)1.0(Ref) 1.0(Ref) 
 Hormonal contraception12813(10)1.50.2–120.721.10.1–9.60.72
 Large size town23929(12)1.0(Ref) 1.0(Ref) 
 Small size town735(7)0.50.2––1.40.20
  1. 1P value was calculated between the subgroups or variables compared to the reference variable
  2. 2Odds ratio adjusted for age
  3. 3Self-employed: Merchant, artisan, cook and farmer
  4. 4Others: Intra uterine devise (IUD), tubal ligation and calendar
  5. Abbreviations: OR Odds ratio, CI Confidence interval, Ref Reference