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Table 5 Comparison of clinicians’ classification of rabies risk versus an independent classification of risk according to criteria listed in the NRMG (n = 273)

From: Evaluation of post-exposure prophylaxis practices to improve the cost-effectiveness of rabies control in human cases potentially exposed to rabies in southern Bhutan

 Risk category assigned by the clinician
Independent risk category as per NRMG:
 None01 (100%)001
 Moderate17 (15%)40 (34%)20 (17%)40 (34%)117
 Severe9 (6%)45 (29%)62 (40%)38 (25%)154
 NA10001 (100%)1
  1. 1 One exposure event could not be categorized, even retrospectively, due to missing data in the questionnaire
  2. 2 Risk not recorded by the clinician