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Table 1 Socio-demographic characteristics of 1314 married or cohabiting individuals

From: Risk factors for HIV infection among married couples in Rakai, Uganda: a cross-sectional study

 15–24 years22116.8
 25–29 years32524.7
 30–34 years28922.0
 35–39 years25819.6
 40+ years22116.8
Education level
 Lower primary (P1-P4)26620.2
 Upper primary (P5-P7)64148.8
 Secondary & above33125.2
Marital order
 Third or higher13110.0
Marital duration
 1–3 years15711.9
 4–5 years16712.7
 6+ years99075.3
Age at first marriage
 11–17 years32324.6
 18–20 years50038.1
 21–24 years25519.4
 25–29 years18814.3
 30+ years483.7
Ever use of condoms
In polygamy
 Don’t know80.6
Age difference of the couplea
 Same age18614.7
 Woman older876.9
 Man 2–5 years41432.7
 Man 6–10 years39030.8
 Man 11+ years18814.9
More than one sexual partner
  1. aExpressed out of 1265 individuals for whom complete data on age difference was available