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Table 3 Odds Ratio for Risk Factors between Sepsis and Non-Sepsis Patients

From: Predictive model for bacterial late-onset neonatal sepsis in a tertiary care hospital in Thailand

VariablesOR95% CIp value
 • Sex (male: female)1.30.672–2.3640.47$
 • Length of hospital stay before sepsis (< 7:> 7 days)4.32.209–8.308< 0.001*
Antepartum history
  • Race (Thai: non-Thai)1.50.270–8.5500.327$
 • Smoking (Yes: No)3.00.187–49.4720.438$
 • Chronic disease of mother (Yes: No)1.00.374–2.6710.218$
 • High risk pregnancy (Yes: No)2.71.434–5.1880.002$
 • Long term drug user (Yes: No)1.00.196–5.1141.00$
Intrapartum history
 • Mode of delivery I (Caesarian section: non-operative)1.00.53–1.8880.561$
 • Mode of delivery II (Non-spontaneous: spontaneous)1.00.547–1.9260.662$
 • Premature rupture of membrane (Yes: No)2.20.857–5.8150.105$
 • Chorioamnionitis (Yes: No)1.10.110–10.6801.00$
 • Smelly amniotic fluid (Yes: No)1.60.145–18.7420.555$
 • Fever of mother (Yes: No)2.10.345–13.0930.597$
 • Steroid injection before birth (Yes: No)0.40.203–0.7370.003$
 • Antibiotics before birth (Yes: No)0.80.39–1.4670.279$
 • Prematurity (20–36 weeks: 37<)0.70.374–1.3300.542*
 • Intracranial hemorrhage (Yes: No)3.41.277–9.1490.019$
 • Resuscitation (Yes: No)2.11.084–3.9160.026$
Postpartum history
 • Icterus after birth (Yes: No)1.30.428–3.8120.770$
 • Seizure (Yes: No)1.50.134–17.0001.00$
 • Breastfed (Yes: No)1.60.781–3.1280.205$
  1. Notes: $ = Chi-square test; * = Mann-Whitney U test