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Table 3 Clinical characteristics of each unique SSTI case (n = 137)

From: Antibiotic use among twelve Canadian First Nations communities: a retrospective chart review of skin and soft tissue infections

Etiologic agent
 Other organism8(5.84)
 Unknown organism69(50.36)
Primary SSTI symptom
 Skin breakdownd17(12.41)
Wound care
Incision & drainage
  Skin breakdown0(0.00)
Type of antibiotic
 Topical only24(17.52)
 Topical and oral12(8.76)
 Oral only86(62.77)
Combination therapy
Adjunctive therapy
Clinical Outcomes
  1. a27 MRSA cases confirmed by wound culture, 28 MRSA presumed by colonization, as indicated by a history of MRSA infection in the patient chart
  2. bPurulent SSTI included: 10 abscesses, 1 cyst (with drain), 1 folliculitis, 11 boils, 1 impetigo (probable) and 10 other infections with purulent discharge
  3. cNon-purulent SSTI included: 10 cellulitis, 1 mastitis and 4 other infections with swelling/redness but no discharge
  4. dSkin breakdowns included: 8 lacerations, 2 scabs, 2 abrasions, 2 warts, 2 rashes, 1 infected skin graft
  5. eWounds included: 27 wound infections with no discharge and 7 bite wounds