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Table 2 Characteristics of patient-charts with an antibiotic prescription in the last 12 months (n = 224)

From: Antibiotic use among twelve Canadian First Nations communities: a retrospective chart review of skin and soft tissue infections

VariableAll patients with at least one antibiotic prescriptionPatients with at least one antibiotic prescription for SSTIp-value
Total N = 224Total N = 86
Gender    0.0939
Age    0.6956
Creatinine Clearnance    0.8741
  < 60 mL/min10(4.46)5(5.81) 
  > 60 mL/min197(87.95)75(87.21) 
Pre-existing conditions
 Cardiac disease42(18.75)19(22.09)0.5074
 Alcohol use disorder40(17.86)20(23.26)0.2814
 Renal disease13(5.80)7(8.14)0.4535
 Liver disease10(4.46)4(4.65)1.000
 Other disease103(45.98)38(44.19)0.7762
Presence of medical device
 Urinary catheter1(0.45)1(1.16)0.4785
 Central line0(0.00)0(0.00)
 Other device5(2.23)2(2.33)1.0000