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Table 1 Characteristics of the patients enrolled at eight influenza surveillances sites in Ethiopia, 2012–2017

From: Burden and seasonality of medically attended influenza like illness (ILI) in Ethiopia, 2012 to 2017

VariablesILI Cases (N = 4426, 77.4%)SARI Cases (N = 1289, 22.6%)Total (N = 5715)
ILI Sentinel site (Health centers)
 Shiromeda Health Center226851%226840%
 Kolfe Health Center184342%184332%
 Akaki Health Center3157%3156%
SARI Sentinel Sites (Hospitals)
 Adama Teaching Hospital504%501%
 Adare Hospital14711%1473%
 Felege-Hiwot Hospital29123%2915%
 Mekele Hospital38430%3847%
 Yekatit 12 Hospital41732%4177%
Age group
  < 1 years882%48238%57010%
 1-4 years4129%47037%88215%
 4-15 years129629%19415%149026%
 15-44 years220350%706%227340%
  > 44 years3909%323%4227%
Influenza positive
 Influenza A72464%3186%75565%
  Not subtyped71%029%71%
 Influenza B40636%514%41135%
Total influenza positive113025%363%116620%