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Table 2 (B) Evaluation scheme for time series analysis on clinical (1) and district level (2) from 2015 onwards

From: Ambulatory screening and decontamination to prevent Staphylococcus aureus complications in patients undergoing elective surgery (STAUfrei): study protocol for a controlled intervention study

 Control phase (Routine care)Intervention Phase
T1 (2015)T2 (2016)T3 (2017)T4 (2018)T5 (2019)T6 (2020)T7 (2021)
(1) Clinical level based on clinical routine data
Local ClinicXXXXXXX
(2) District level based on health insurance data 
Control District AXXXXXX
Control District BXXXXXX
Control District CXXXXXX
  1. aHDH Heidenheim