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Table 1 Demographic and clinical profile of apparently immunocompetent patients with Cryptococcal meningitis

From: Impaired consciousness and decreased glucose concentration of CSF as prognostic factors in immunocompetent patients with cryptococcal meningitis

Gender, M/F50/26 (66%/34%)
Age at onset (years)50.0 (40–62)
interval from onset to antifungal treatment (day)29 (15,40)
duration of antifungal treatment (day)31 (12.5, 54.5)
Am B administration69 (90.8%)
Shunt surgery11 (14.5%)
Main symptoms and signs
 Headache71 (93.4%)
 Fever48 (63.2%)
 Vomiting38 (50.0%)
 Impaired consciousness15 (19.7%)
 Visual disturbance15 (19.7%)
 Seizures9 (11.8%)
 Limb weakness7 (9.2%)
 Altered mentation7 (9.2%)
 Hearing impairment2 (2.6%)
 Meningeal irritation positive45 (59.2%)
  1. Data are n (%) or median (interquartile range); Am B Amphotericin B, WBC White blood cell, CSF Cerebrospinal fluid