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Table 1 Vibrio spp. that cause, or are associated with, human infections (modified from [1])

From: Wound infection with Vibrio harveyi following a traumatic leg amputation after a motorboat propeller injury in Mallorca, Spain: a case report and review of literature

SpeciesOccurrence in clinical specimens
V. alginolyticus++
V. cholerae
V. cincinnatiensis+
V. damsela+
V. fluvialis++
V. furnissii++
V. harveyi+
V. hollisae++
V. metschnikovii++
V. mimicus+++
V. parahaemolyticus+++++
V. vulnificus++++
  1. The symbols +, ++, +++ and ++++ give the relative frequency of each organism in the specimens; −, not found