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Table 1 Characteristics of the study population

From: Hepatitis B testing, treatment, and virologic suppression in HIV-infected patients in Cameroon (ANRS 12288 EVOLCAM)

CharacteristicsNn (%) or median (IQR)
Individual characteristics
Age (years)170642(32–52)
 Urban 1431(84.6%)
 Rural 261(15.4%)
School educational level1702  
 Never attended school 49(2.9%)
 Primary school 546(32.1%)
 Secondary school 969(56.9%)
 University 138(8.1%)
Marital status1680  
 Couple 1023(60.9%)
 Single 349(20.8%)
 Divorced or separated 84(5.0%)
 Widowed 224(13.3%)
Paid activity17061120(65.7%)
Household monthly income (Franc CFA)a17068998(3333–10,416)
Living below poverty lineb17061580(92.6%)
At least 2 meals per day17061245(73.0%)
HIV clinical stage at ART initiation1481  
 WHO I/II or CDC A/B 601(40.6%)
 WHO III/IV or CDC C 880(59.4%)
CD4 cell count (cells/mm3)1702448(192–704)
HIV viral load < 300 copies/mL16981334(78.6%)
HBsAg positive1706159(9.3%)
ALT level (IU/L)167936(21–42)
AST level (IU/L)167941(28–45)
Body mass index (kg/m2)166824.5(21.3–26.7)
Time since ART initiation (years)17063.9(3.1–4.9)
Anti-HBV drugs as part of ART1700  
 TDF + 3TC (or FTC) 1028(60.5%)
 3TC (or FTC) alone 582(34.2%)
 TDF alone 40(2.4%)
 None 50(2.9%)
Adherence to ART in the previous 4 weeks1699  
 Perfect adherence 487(28.7%)
 Adherence difficultiesc 856(50.3%)
 Treatment interruption for more than 2 consecutive days 356(21.0%)
Hospitalization in the previous 3 months1690144(8.5%)
Consultation of a traditional healer in the previous 3 months169978(4.6%)
History of incarceration170144(2.6%)
Use of razor blade or clipper of another person1679605(36.1%)
Beer consumption1702  
 Never 757(44.5%)
 Monthly or less 779(45.7%)
 Weekly 147(8.6%)
 Daily 19(1.1%)
More than 2 h’ journey time to arrive at study hospital1583269(17.0%)
Characteristics of study hospital attended
 Centre 943(55.3%)
 Littoral 763(44.7%)
 Urban 991(58.1%)
 Rural 715(41.9%)
Administrative sector1706  
 Public 1214(71.2%)
 Private 492(28.8%)
Type of HIV service1706  
 Primary 854(50.1%)
 Secondary 852(49.9%)
Task-shifting of ART prescription renewals to nurses17061073(62.9%)
Task-shifting of ART follow-up consultations to nurses17061082(63.4%)
Stock-out of ART in the previous 12 monthsd1706948(55.6%)
  1. Abbreviations: ART antiretroviral therapy, IQR interquartile range, ALT Alanine aminotransferase, AST Aspartate aminotransferase
  2. a 1000 Francs CFA equal approximately 1.5 Euros
  3. b Household monthly income < 28,310 Francs CFA, approximately 43 Euros (Institut National de la Statistique. Quatrième Enquête Camerounaise Auprès des Ménages (ECAM4) - Tendances, profil et déterminants de la pauvreté au Cameroun entre 2001–2014. 2015)
  4. c Missed prescribed drug doses or not fully respecting the prescription schedule
  5. d Stock-out of at least one of the 3 most prescribed antiretroviral regimens in the previous 12 months: TDF + 3TC + EFV, AZT + 3TC + NVP and TDF + 3TC + NVP. A regimen was considered out of stock if i) the 3-molecule combination was not available and ii) it was not possible to reconstitute the combination using separate single molecules