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Table 1 Demographics of the 15 G12P[8] and G12P[6] rotavirus genotypes

From: Genetic characterization of G12P[6] and G12P[8] rotavirus strains collected in six African countries between 2010 and 2014

Country of isolation Common name Year of identification G-P types VP4,VP7 accession number Rotavirus vaccine introduction
Ethiopia MRC-DPRU2268 2011 G12P[8] MK059445, MK059430 November 2013 Rotarix®
Ethiopia MRC-DPRU2273 2011 G12P[8] MK059448, MK059438
Ethiopia MRC-DPRU4959 2011 G12P[8] MK059446, MK059432
Ethiopia MRC-DPRU5683 2014 G12P[8] MK059442, MK059429
Ethiopia MRC-DPRU857 2012 G12P[6] MK059443, MK059431
Kenya MRC-DPRU1367 2012 G12P[6] MT995938, MK059435 July 2014 Rotarix®
Kenya MRC-DPRU1369 2012 G12P[6] MK059435, MK059436
Kenya MRC-DPRU1377 2012 G12P[6] MK059449, MK059437
Kenya MRC-DPRU4288 2010 G12P[6] MK059447, MK059433
Rwanda MRC-DPRU6219 2014 G12P[8] MK059441, MK059439 May 2012 RotaTeq®
Tanzania MRC-DPRU4540 2011 G12P[8] MK059451, MK059439 January 2013 Rotarix®
Togo MRC-DPRU2118 2011 G12P[8] MK059452, MK059440 June 2014 Rotarix®
Zambia MRC-DPRU1765 2012 G12P[6] MK059444, MK059426 January 2012 Rotarix®
Zambia MRC-DPRU2495 2011 G12P[6] MT995937, MK059427
Zambia MRC-DPRU4165 2010 G12P[8] MK059450, MK059434