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Table 3 Comparison of incidence density rate of DA- HAIs with data from international registers INICC (2010–15), NHSN (2013), ECDC (2017) and own surveys

From: Device associated –health care associated infections monitoring, prevention and cost assessment at intensive care unit of University Hospital in Poland (2015–2017)

ICU Wroclaw UH HELICS [28] 18.2(15.5–21.6) 4.8(3.5–6.5) 4.01(2.8–5.6)
NHSN [10] 0.9(0.8–1.0)* 1.7(1.6–1.8)* 0.8(0.8–0.9)*
ECDC [25] 9,5(2.5–20.4)** 3.6(0.0–5.0) 3.7(0.7–4.7)
INICC [24] 14.1(13.8–14.4)* 5.1(5.0–5.2)* 5,05(4.9–5.2)*
ICU Wroclaw UH (2015–2017) 12.63(12.01–13.77) 6.5(5.8–6.8) 1.83(1.47–2.08)
  1. Legend:*Data concern to medical –surgical ICU; Data is showed as mean values, percentile values/95%CI confidence interval or minimal and maximal values **
  2. Abbreviations: CA-UTI catheter-associated urinary tract infection; CLA-BSI central line-associated bloodstream infection; ECDC European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control; ICU intensive care unit; INICC International Nosocomial Infection Control Consortium; HELICS The Hospitals in Europe Link for Infection Control through Surveillance; NHSN US National Healthcare Safety Network; UH University Hospital; VAP ventilator-associated pneumonia;