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Table 3 Putative classification of states in Mexico and Brazil showing progression from 2005 to 2015. States presenting incursion risks highlighted in bold italics

From: Towards the elimination of dog-mediated rabies: development and application of an evidence-based management tool

MEXICO 2005 2010 2015
Aguascalientes Absent Absent Absent
Baja California Absent Absent Absent
Baja California Sur Absent Absent Absent
Campeche Absent-Vulnerable Absent-Vulnerable Absent
Coahuila de Zaragoza Intermittent Absent Absent
Colima Absent Absent Absent
Chiapas Endemic Intermittent Endemic
Chihuahua Absent Absent-Vulnerable Absent
Distrito Federal Intermittent Absent-Vulnerable Absent
Durango Absent Absent Absent
Guanajuato Absent Absent Absent
Guerrero Absent-Vulnerable Absent-Vulnerable Absent
Hidalgo Absent-Vulnerable Declining Absent
Jalisco Absent Absent Absent
Mexico Endemic Endemic Absent
Michoacan de Ocampo Absent-Vulnerable Absent-Vulnerable Absent
Morelos Absent-Vulnerable Absent-Vulnerable Absent
Nayarit Absent Absent Absent
Nuevo Leon Absent Absent Absent
Oaxaca Endemic Absent-Vulnerable Absent-Vulnerable
Puebla Endemic Declining Absent
Queretaro Arteaga Absent-Vulnerable Absent-Vulnerable Absent
Quintana Roo Absent-Vulnerable Absent-Vulnerable Absent
San Luis Potosi Absent Absent-Vulnerable Absent
Sinaloa Absent-Vulnerable Absent Absent
Sonora Absent-Vulnerable Absent Absent
Tabasco Absent-Vulnerable Absent Absent-Vulnerable
Tamaulipas Absent Absent Absent
Tlaxcala Intermittent Absent-Vulnerable Absent
Veracruz de Ignacio de la Llave Intermittent Absent-Vulnerable Absent-Vulnerable
Yucatan Endemic Declining Intermittent
Zacatecas Absent-Vulnerable Absent Absent
BRAZIL 2005 2010 2015
Acre Absent Absent Absent
Alagoas Absent-Vulnerable Absent-Vulnerable Absent
Amapa Absent-Vulnerable Absent-Vulnerable Absent
Amazonas Absent-Vulnerable Absent-Vulnerable Absent
Bahia Endemic Declining Absent
Ceara Intermittent Endemic Absent
Distrito Federal Absent Absent Absent
Espirito Santo Absent Absent Absent
Goias Absent-Vulnerable Absent-Vulnerable Absent-Vulnerable
Maranhao Endemic Declining Declining
Mato Grosso Endemic Absent-Vulnerable Absent-Vulnerable
Mato Grosso do Sul Absent-Vulnerable Intermittent Endemic
Minas Gerais Absent-Vulnerable Absent-Vulnerable Absent-Vulnerable
Para Endemic Declining Absent-Vulnerable
Paraiba Endemic Intermittent Absent
Parana Absent-Vulnerable Absent-Vulnerable Absent-Vulnerable
Pernambuco Endemic Declining Absent
Piaui Endemic Declining Absent-Vulnerable
Rio de Janeiro Absent Absent Absent
Rio Grande do Norte Absent-Vulnerable Intermittent Intermittent
Rio Grande do Sul Absent Absent Absent
Rondonia Intermittent Absent Absent
Roraima Absent Absent Absent
Santa Catarina Absent Absent Absent
Sao Paulo Absent Absent Absent-Vulnerable
Sergipe Intermittent Absent-Vulnerable Absent
Tocantins Absent-Vulnerable Absent-Vulnerable Absent-Vulnerable