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Table 2 Classification criteria (corresponding to Fig. 1). NA - not applicable, V1 and V2 - canine rabies genetic variants of type 1 and 2 respectively in Latin America [19]

From: Towards the elimination of dog-mediated rabies: development and application of an evidence-based management tool

Classification Cases in last 2 years Trend (model coefficient) over 5 years Absence (> 2 yrs with no V1 or V2) Incursion risk
Endemic Yes, V1 &/ V2, over at least two consecutive months None/ positive NA NA
Declining Yes, V1 &/ V2 Negative NA NA
Intermittent Yes, but not over two or more consecutive months None/ positive NA NA
Absent - Vulnerable (i) or (ii) (i) No
(ii) V1 &/V2 in 1 month only
(i & ii) NA (i) At least last 2 years
(ii) > 2 yr absence prior to last detected case(s)
(i & ii) Adjacent to Endemic or Declining area(s)
Absent No NA NA Not adjacent to any Endemic or Declining areas