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Table 5 Multivariate logistic regression of risk factors for clinical improvement

From: Percutaneous fine-needle aspiration for pyogenic liver abscess (3-6 cm): a two-center retrospective study

Variables OR (95%CI) P value
Percutaneous fine-needle aspiration (yes vs. no) 0.33(0.11–0.96) 0.043
Carbapenems (presence vs. absence) 4.70(1.43–15.37) 0.010
Multiple abscess (presence vs. absence) 0.42 (0.11–1.64) 0.215
CRP on admission (mg/L) 0.99(0.99–1.01) 0.979
Diabetes mellitus (presence vs. absence) 0.85(0.32–2.30) 0.750