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Table 1 List of published cases of AST due to Salmonella spp.

From: A pain in the neck: Salmonella spp. as an unusual cause of a thyroid abscess. A case report and review of the literature

Case NumberPublicationNumber of CasesAge& GenderPredisposing
Thyroid abnormalitiesSalmonella SpeciesIntervention
1Svenungsson & Lindberg [17]172 MSteroid useN/ASalmonella enteriditisTMP-SMX (duration not specified)None
2Walter and MacMonagle [18]149FNoneMNGSalmonella choleraesuisAmoxicillin (duration not specified)Thyroid lobectomy
3Fule and Saoji [19]1N/AN/AN/ASalmonella paratyphi AN/AN/A
4Nmadu [20]2N/AN/AN/ASalmonella typhiN/AN/A
5Gudipati and Westblom [21]179 MN/AN/ASalmonella typhimuriumCeftriaxone × 2 weeksI&D
6Igler, et al. [22]170FDMMNGSalmonella enteritidisTMP-SMX ×  4 weeksI&D
7Chiovato, et al. [23]140FNoneMNGSalmonella BrandenburgCeftriaxone × 10 daysAspiration, I&D, and thyroid lobectomy
8Lalitha and John [24]2N/AN/ANoneSalmonella paratyphi A, Salmonella cholerasiusNoneNone
9Lecuit, et al. [25]148 MHIV infectionNoneSalmonella enteriditisAmoxicillin × 12 daysI&D
10Susković and Z Vucicević [26]147FDMNoneSalmonella enteritidisAntibiotics (not specified)I&D
11Lala, et al. [27]166 MNoneThyroid noduleSalmonella group DCiprofloxacin (duration not specified)Subtotal thyroidectomy
12Jasmi, et al. [14]162FNoneMNGSalmonella typhiAmoxicillin-clavulinic acid × 3 daysAspiration
13Duraker, et al. [7]152 MDMNoneSalmonella typhiNetilmicin + Clindamycin (duration not specified)I&D
Ofloxacin × 10 days
14Su and Huang [16]179FDMMNGSalmonella typhimuriumAmpicillin (duration not specified)Thyroid lobectomy
Ceftriaxone × 17 days
Ciprofloxacin (duration not specified)
15Dai, et al. [28]182 MCLLMNGSalmonella group BCeftriaxone (duration not specified)I&D
16Sriburee [29]155FNoneMNGSalmonella group CTMP-SMX × 2 weeksAspiration and I&D
Cefazolin and metronidazole (duration not specified)
17Chen, et al. [30]160FInvasive thymomaMNGSalmonella group D1Ceftriaxone × 2 weeksThyroid lobectomy
Oral antibiotics (duration not specified)
18Chou and Hsieh [31]131FNoneMNGSalmonella choleraesuisAmpicillin/sulbactamI&D
Clindamycin and ceftriaxone (duration not specified)
19Krudop, et al. [32]153FNoneMNGSalmonella group CAntibiotics (duration not specified)I&D and thyroid lobectomy
20Wu, et al. [1]174 MRenal transplant on immunosuppressive therapyNoneSalmonella enteriditisCefepime × 4 days,Thyroid lobectomy
Ceftriaxone × 28 days
Lifelong antibiotics
21Ambroziak, et al. [15]182 MDM, and steroid useNoneSalmonella enteritidisCeftriaxone × 2 weeksThyroid lobectomy
Ampicillin × 3 weeks
22Kiss, et al. [2]148FHIV infectionN/ASalmonella spp.Ceftriaxone × 2 weeksI&D
23Kazi, et al. [33]152 MHIV infectionNoneSalmonella spp.Lifelong TMP-SMXThyroid lobectomy
24Kuzu, et al. [9]150FDMN/ASalmonella enteritidisMetronidazole and ceftriaxone × 5 daysI&D
Ciprofloxacin × 4 weeks
25Murali & Bhandary [5]126FNoneMNGSalmonella TyphiAntibiotics × 1 week (duration not specified)Thyroid lobectomy
26Hernik, et al. [8]161FDMNoneSalmonella entericaClindamycin, ceftazidime × 1 weekI&D
TMP-SMX ×  1 week
27Vengathajalam, et al. [10]158FDMMNGSalmonella spp.Antibiotics (not specified)Aspiration
28Quintana, et al. [34]1N/ANoneN/ASalmonella enteriditisAntibiotics (not specified)None
  1. F Female, M Male
  2. N/A Not available or not mentioned in the article, MNG Multinodular goiter, DM Diabetes mellitus, HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus, CLL Chronic lymphocytic leukemia, I&D Incision and drainage, TMP-SMX Trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole