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Table 2 The different hotspot types and the associated number of villages

From: Spatio-temporal variation of malaria hotspots in Central Senegal, 2008–2012

Hotspot typeHotspot during all 5 LTPsHotspot mainly during HTPsHotspot mainly during LTPsHotspot equally during LTPs and HTPsNever a hotspotHotspot only during HTPsHotspot only during LTPs
Number of villages (%)3 (0.52%)47 (8.17%)5 (0.87%)13 (2.26%)205 (35.65%)288 (50.1%)14 (2.43%)
  1. Number and percentage of villages that were a hotspot during all 5 LTPs, mainly during HTPs, mainly during LTPs, equally during LTPs and HTPs, never, only during HTPs, and only during LTPs