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Table 3 Bacterial mixtures for testing

From: Simulating transmission of ESKAPE pathogens plus C. difficile in relevant clinical scenarios

Mixture Selective Agar Bacteria
1 MSA and EMB with 16 μg/mL of Ampicillin Background (See Table 1)
A. baumannii
E. faecium
K. pneumoniae
2 MSA with 24 μg/mL Gentamicin
EMB with 8 μg/mL of Gentamicin
Background (See Table 1)
E. aerogenes
S. aureus
3 MSA and EMB with 8 μg/mL of Gentamicin
C. difficile Agar
Background (See Table 1)
C. difficile endospores
E. cloacae
P. aeruginosa