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Table 2 Logistic Regression of characteristics and HBV infection (n = 743)

From: Prevalence of chronic HBV infection in pregnant woman attending antenatal care in a tertiary hospital in Mwanza, Tanzania: a cross-sectional study

 OR95% CIp-value
Age of the participants (years)
 18–201  0.480
  > 406.1760.369103.494 
HIV status
 HIV positive1.6450.3717.286 
 HIV negative1  0.512
 Urban1  0.956
Marital status
 Single + Divorced + Widowed2.3510.6718.2420.182
 Cohabiting + Married1   
 Non-formal1  0.981
 Secondary + College1.1460.1459.067 
 Health sector4.2500.81322.204 
 Non employed/house wife1  0.194
 Two or more1   
 One or more1   
Number of sexual partners
 One1  0.791
 Four or more1.4810.3755.859 
Age of first sexual contact
 Under 151.8340.7504.4860.184
 15 or above1   
HBV vaccination
 Received at least one vaccination1   
 No vaccination1.0690.4342.6340.884
History of STIs
 No1  0.344
Condom use
 Sometimes + never3.5141.3828.0360.008
Female genital mutilation
Sharing toothbrush
Sharing razor
History of jaundice
 Family or myself1   
General risk from blood contact
 Risky procedure in the past1.3070.5033.3960.5833
 No risky procedure in the past1