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Table 2 HIV Positive Participants Clinical Characteristics

From: Neurocognitive impairment in treatment-experienced adults living with HIV attending primary care clinics in Zimbabwe

CharacteristicMedian (IQR)
aCD4 count (cells/mm3)520 (300–699)
Nadir CD4 count (cells/mm3)250 (135–430)
Time since HIV Diagnosis (Months)73 (30–113)
Time since ART Initiation (Months)69 (29–107)
bAdherence Self Report Score24.5 (21–25)
Current ART RegimenFrequency
First Line ART regimen
Second Line ART regimen
Medication Switched Since Initiation
  1. Note: aMost recent CD4 count as per clinic records. bScored out of 25