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Table 1 Prevalence of infections per type of procedure (2014)

From: Prevalence and burden of orthopaedic implantable-device infections in Italy: a hospital-based national study

Macro categoryTotalWith infectionPrevalence (%)
1. Primary hip replacement89,242370.04%
2. Hip replacement revision7292120316.50%
3. Other hip procedures100000.00%
4. Primary knee replacement61,923420.07%
5. Knee replacement revision301773924.49%
6. Other knee procedures11500.00%
7. Lower limb implantations (femur, tibia, feet)99,189200.02%
8. Lower limb revisions (femur, tibia, feet)27,4924481.63%
9. Other lower limb procedures16700.00%
10. Higher limb implantations (shoulder, arm, hand)7900180.23%
11. Higher limb revisions (shoulder, arm, hand)12,5401381.10%
12. Other higher limb procedures13,31370.05%
13. Generic musculoskeletal implantation1569963.46%
14. Generic musculoskeletal removal1636539.88%
15. Other orthopaedic procedures10,4495034.81%
16. General procedures associated2635189571.92%