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Table 1 Demographic profile and clinical features of culture-confirmed children TBM in Southwest China, 2013–2018 (n = 42)

From: Epidemiological, clinical characteristics and drug resistance situation of culture-confirmed children TBM in southwest of China: a 6-year retrospective study

VariableTotal n = 42 (%)
Mean age; months (range)93(5–168)
< 1 years5(11.9)
1-5 years8(19.0)
5-14 years29(69.0)
BCG vaccination2 (4.8)
Chinese Ethnic minorities
History & Clinical Findings
 Temperature above 37.5 °C38(90.5)
 Disturbance of consciousness14(33.3)
 Weight loss6(14.3)
 Night sweats3(7.1)
 Neck stiffness35(83.3)
 CSF pressure >  200 mmH2O30(71.4)
 Recent close contact with an infectious TB casea13(31.0)
Chest X-ray suggestive of TB42(100.0)
 Basal meningeal enhancement12(28.6)
 Cerebral oedema/Hydrocephalus7(16.7)
 Death before hospital discharge1(2.38)
 Drug-induced Uric acid UA (>  430 μmol / L)10(23.8)
 ATD-induced hepatotoxicityb6(14.3)
  1. a History of recent (within past year) close contact with an individual with pulmonary TB
  2. b The ATD induced hepatotoxicity is defined as ALT ≥3ULN