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Table 1 Characteristics of included studies (n = 10)

From: Tuberculosis and its association with CD4+ T cell count among adult HIV positive patients in Ethiopian settings: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Study authorStudy regionStudy designStudy periodAge (years)SpecimenMethods employedART statusSample sizeTB incidence follow up timeIncident TB (%)Participants’ with CD4+ T cell counts < 200 cells/mm3Participants’ with CD4+ T cell counts > 200 cells/mm3
Balcha et al., 2014 [23]OromiaPCSOct2011-Mar2013>  18Sputum, UrineMicroscopy, Culture, Xpert and LAMPre-ART7576 months16.91
Assebe et al., 2015 [11]OromiaRCSJan2008-Feb201215–64SputumMicroscopy and CXRPre-ART5886 months8.33
Bekele et al. 2017 [12]SNNPRCSSep2009-Aug2010>  15N/SN/SPre-ART422Not clearly stated31.99
Ahmed et al. 2015 [27]AfarRCSJuly2010-May2015>  15N/SN/SART451>  6 months26.396216857283
Dalbo et al. 2016 [30]SNNPRCSDec 2014-Jan2015>  15SputumMicroscopy and culturePre-ART137Not clearly stated11.68
Abossie et al. 2017 [24]SNNPRCSSep2010-Aug 201125–34SputumMicroscopyART2716 months18.08
Edessa et al. 2014 [25]Addis AbabaRCSFeb2013-May2013>  18N/SN/SART7426 months10.78
Semu et al. 2017 [26]Addis AbabaRCSJuly2012-Aug2012AdultN/SN/SART2524>  6 months10.97
Nigussie et al. 2015 [28]Addis AbabaRCSAug2014-May2015>  15SputumMicroscopy and CXRART480>  6 months14.58653235157
Kassa et al. 2012 [29]Addis AbabaRCS2005–2009>  15N/SN/SART3211>  6 months8.41
  1. Keys:ART Antiretroviral therapy, CXR Chest x-ray, N/S Not specified, PCS Prospective cohort study, RCS Retrospective cohort study, SNNP Southern nations nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia