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Table 3 HBV Genotype, Mutation and Vaccination status of 13 HBsAg positive children and their mothers

From: Existence of hepatitis B virus surface protein mutations and other variants: demand for hepatitis B infection control in Cambodia

No.ProvinceSample IDHBV DNAGenotypeMutationVaccination statusSample IDHBsAgHBV DNAGenotypeMutation
1.Pursatc171228c+C3 Pentac171229m++CG145R
2.Kampong Thomc174492c+CP127S3 Pentac174493m++CP127S
3.Tbong Khmumc174334c+B/CP120SHB-BD +
3 Penta
4.Preah Sihanoukc174425c+B/CHB-BD +
3 Penta
5.Phnom Penhc171360c+CNo vaccinationc171361m++C
6.Ratanak Kiric172147c+CNo vaccinationc172148m
7.Stung Trengc173863c+CNo vaccinationc173864m++C
8.Preah Vihearc174537c+CNo vaccinationc174538m++C
9.Kampong Speuc171407c+CHB-BD +
2 Penta
10.Tbong Khmumc174347c+B/CHB-BD +
3 Penta
11.Ratanak Kiric172153cNDNo vaccinationc172154m++C
12.Svay Riengc171594c+B/CHB-BD +
3 Penta
Not participated
13.Phnom Penhc171367c+B/C1 PentaNot participated
  1. ND: not detected, B: HBV genotype B, C: HBV genotype C, HB-BD: birth dose hepatitis B vaccine, Penta: pentavalent vaccine including hepatitis B vaccine