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Table 1 Read codes identifying Lyme disease patients in The Health Improvement Network (THIN), 1998–2016

From: A descriptive epidemiological study of the incidence of newly diagnosed Lyme disease cases in a UK primary care cohort, 1998–2016

DescriptionTHIN Read CodeNumber of patients
Lyme diseaseA8710002386
Erythema migransAA41.00992
Suspected Lyme disease1JN1.00233
Suspected erythema migrans1JN2.0050
Acrodermatitis atrophicans chronicaM21y00030
Lyme arthritisN010A0021
Lyme neuroborreliosisA8711008
Borrelial lymphocytomaA8713005
Lyme carditisA8712000
Total 3725