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Table 2 Comparing Molecular (qPCR) with Thick blood film (TBF) microscopy of FTS positive individuals

From: Mapping lymphatic filariasis in Loa loa endemic health districts naïve for ivermectin mass administration and situated in the forested zone of Cameroon

RegionFTS + ve participants (*N)qPCRTBF (Microscopy)
W. bancrofti N(%)Loa loa + ve N(%)W. bancrofti N(%)Loa loa + ve N(%)
EAST64044 (68)043 (67.2)
CENTER92048 (52.2)046 (50)
SOUTH23012 (52.2)014 (60.9)
LITTORAL300 (0)00
TOTAL1820104 (57.1)0103 (56.6)
Mc Nemar test: p- value = 0.999
  1. *N number