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Table 2 Clinical features of patients

From: Inapropriate use of antibiotics effective against gram positive microorganisms despite restrictive antibiotic policies in ICUs: a prospective observational study

Age, mean ± SD63.9 ± 18.7 
Gender, Female7946,7
BMI (kg/m2),mean ± SD26.5 ± 5.81 
Intensive Care Units (ICUs)
 Medical ICUs9556.2
 Surgical ICUs7443.8
Duration of hospital stay (day), mean ± SD16.4 ± 17.8 
Duration of ICU stay (day), mean ± SD10.2 ± 14.4 
CCI, mean ± SD4.40 ± 2.43 
Central venous catheters10059.2
Invasive mechanical ventilation12071
Renal failure
 CrCI, (mL/min) ≥ 508952.7
 CrCI, (mL/min) 30–492514.8
 CrCI, (mL/min) 10–294526.6
 CrCI, (mL/min) < 10105.9
Intermittant renal replacement therapy3721.9
Continous renal relacement therapy74.1
  1. Abbreviations: SD standart deviation, BMI Body mass index, ICU Intensive care unit, CCI Charlson comorbidity index, CrCI Creatinine clearance