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Table 1 List of key parameters extracted from international tuberculosis contact-tracing notifications received by RKI, 2010–2018

From: International tuberculosis contact-tracing notifications in Germany: analysis of national data from 2010 to 2018 and implications for efficiency

CT notification• Notifying country
• Month of notification
• Year of notification
Index caseGeneral characteristics:
• Age
• Sex
• Nationality
Clinical characteristics:
• TB diagnosis (type of TB, site of disease)
• Smear microscopy (positive, negative)
• Culture (positive, negative, pending)
• PCR (positive, negative, pending)
• Chest X-ray (positive, negative, cavitary lesions)
• Presence of drug susceptibility testing result (yes/no)
• Drug resistance profile (Ha-resistant), (Ra-resistant), (Sa-resistant), MDR-TBb, XDR-TBc
• Infectiousness during contact (yes/no)
• Information on symptoms during contact (yes/no)
• Information on transmission to close contacts (yes/no)
Exposure• Responsible local health authority in Germany
• Federal state of responsible local health authority
• Type of contact (flight contact, private contact, work contact, school/education-related contact, ship contact)
• Time between exposure and diagnosis (< 3 months, > 3 months)
• Duration of contact (< 8 h, > 8 h, < 40 h, > 40 h)
• Departure cityd
• Departure countryd
• Arrival cityd
• Arrival countryd
• Contact person seated within two rows of index case (yes/no)d
Contact person(s)• Information on name (yes/no)
• Information on passport number (yes/no)
• Information on address (yes/no)
• Information on telephone number (yes/no)
• Information on email address (yes/no)
• Child (yes/no)
  1. a H: Isoniazid, R: Rifampicin, S: Streptomycin
  2. b Multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) is defined as resistance to at least Isoniazid and Rifampicin
  3. c Extensively drug resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB) is defined as MDR-TB plus resistance against one fluoroquinolone and one injectable
  4. d Information only collected for air travel